Dislike rating – I don’t care summer! I am very hypothermic – I feel like my brain is liquefying. Summer in Los Angeles with poor climatic conditions just not being able to get a room 84 degrees cooler is a bad thing. I need a mid-year house in Iceland or somewhere north of the equator!

My loved ones consider me polar bear because I cannot manage the hot temperature. Maybe so this polar bear really needs to look sexy by the middle of the year, so I’ve gathered a piece of my favorite skincare products awesome free awesome summer for you!

In hot times, and I get dry hair, my hair gets too dry and very tangled. I have soft silky hair and don’t want to do too much, but I also have curly strands that need extra moisture. I find Ivy and Senior Wave Shower and Leave-In Hair Cover the ideal combination.

Wave Shower is a quick and simple approach to getting waves without a lot of objects. Also, Leave-In Hair Cover feels like a body cream on the surface, which terrified me in the first place. I apply a certain amount of nickel onto the fluff from the middle to the end of the bristles, and it’s amazing how this cream is really what I need! It makes an interesting twist and doesn’t get overwhelmed by even the slightest.

R + Co free hair styling items for the summer

Since we are discussing hair products, I also need to specify the R + Thickening Bath Gel and Dry Mist Cleanser. I don’t want to turn on the hairdryer and diffuser when it’s hot. What’s more, with isolation, I don’t have to style much hair in all cases.

Condensed shower gel is anything but difficult to use and has a pleasant (slightly spicy) smell. I brushed it on top of my head when the hair is wet to add some curls. I use it all the time just in case I need a giant Texas-sized haircut!

R + Co Dry Cleanser Fog is my favorite dry skin cleanser right now as it has a subtle botanical / citrus / vanilla fragrance that isn’t overpowering. No weight in the air splashes to harden my throat or damage my brain. Furthermore, it did not leave a white wreck. My hair really feels clean when I use it – no fragrance.

Without a doubt, I’m stuck because Jumping Rabbit’s hapless guaranteed free hair brand and I need to try a greater amount of their items. Their watermelon cock looks great